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EU 311 addressable micro-module

26,56 + IVA

Micro-input/output module with built-in isolator. Model EU 311. Guardal / inim electronics.

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Micro addressable module with built-in isolator. US 311. Guardal / Inim electronics

EU311. Addressable micro-module with short-circuit isolator. Due to its small size, it can be housed inside different devices to be controlled (pushbuttons, linear barriers, suction equipment, etc.). It connects directly to the loop and is equipped with a supervised input (capable of controlling the status of a device) and an output powered through the loop (with the ability to operate acoustic, visual, etc. signalling devices).

  • 1 supervised entry
  • 1 outlet fed through the loop
  • Consumption at rest 80oA
  • Alarm consumption 20 mA
  • Automatic routing (each device is identified by a factory-assigned serial number)
  • EN54 Certificate Part 17: 2005 EN54 Part 18:2005
  • Made in Europe INIM

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