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6000N Surface Mount Lock FE160MS

141,50 + IVA

6000N lock for surface mount FE160MS / Kilsen. Positive and instant door control.


SKU DEL PRODUCTO: FE160MS Categorías , Etiqueta

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6000N lock for FE160MS surface mount

Eco Line magnetic lock, 600 Kgf, monitored, surface mount


Where to use the 6000N surface mount lock FE160MS

High security applications for indoor and outdoor doors. For mounting inside exterior doors.


3000N lock control for FE160MS surface mount

This state-of-the-art electromagnetic locking device provides positive and instant door control. Filler plates, angle brackets and other mounting adapters are available to meet a wide range of door and frame types and conditions.


3000N lock operating safety for FE160MS surface mount

Our locking devices are inherently fail-safe,and are instantly released from an order or power loss. No moving parts that can wear, stick or jam; no mechanical connections that bend or break; and there is no bolt travel time or misalignment that is of concern, both unlocking and locking are always achieved with ease and efficiency. As these electromagnetic locking devices operate regardless of any type of mechanical blockage,magnetic locks will not jeopardize the fire door classification of an opening.


Features of the 3000N lock for embedded mounting FE160MS

  • 600 kgf of retaining power
  • Surface mounted
  • No residual magnetism
  • Selectable operation by 12/24 V DC bridge
  • Supervised switching
  • Easily mounted with minimal tools


Product type Magnetic lock
Power supply value 12/24 VDC
Current consumption 450 mA (+/- 2.5% to 13.5 V)
Retention force kgf (kilograms of force) 600 kgf
Retention force N (Newtons) 6000
Physical dimensions 266 x 73 x 40 mm (width x height x depth)
Color Aluminum
Supervised Yes
Led Yes
Door status switch No
Monitored change Yes
Magnetic link sensor Yes

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