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Server Licenses 2010-2SW-FS

100,14 + IVA

Server licenses 2010-2SW-FS, with panels with firmware 3.0 or higher/Kilsen. For Mobile App APP Fire-2 Mobile.


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*Los productos no incluyen gastos de transporte y los precios son exclusivos online.


Server Licenses 2010-2SW-FS

Fire plants 2010-2allow external connections through a Software Development Kit (SDK), as well as connections from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phones. Communication between the dashboard and mobile devices is provided by the FiRe application server,which allows you to configure users, configure dashboard functions, handle authentication, and can act as a firewall for connected clients. Communication between the FiRe server and the mobile app is based on a modern RESTless/REST (Representational Status Transfer) interface. The mobile app provided allows the basic functionality of checking system status and basic control. Additional OMWT (One Man Walk Test) features and output testing speed up the installation and maintenance process. The mobile app is available in 12 languagesto facilitate the use and acceptance of the installer. The application is activated by using a USB dongle,which will be installed on the server running the FiRe server application.


Features of server licenses 2010-2SW-FS

  • Check system status
  • View and confirm notifications
  • Check the dashboard history event log
  • Basic control: restart, sound/silence, enable/disable devices, show LED to find the device
  • OMWT (Man Walking Test)
  • Exit test
  • Compatible with panels starting with firmware version 3.5


Physical dimensions 135 x 38 x 140 mm (width x height x depth)
Net weight 21g
Shipping weight 100 grams

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