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Integration 2010-2-PAK-RMMB

450,59 + IVA

Integration 2010-2-PAK-RMMB, activation of standard Modbus protocol using IP/ Kilsen.


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Integration 2010-2-PAK-RMMB

The fire station allows you to expand your capabilities by using USB keys. These USB dongles are called PAK, which means Panel Activation Key. ThePAK u so will activate additional high-end features on the panel. Depending on the required functionality, separate and multiple PAK can be used to enable these capabilities. Features such as number of nodes/loops, compatible detector protocol, TCP/IP communication protocol used for remote monitoring, communication to management software such as BACNet or Modbus, etc., can be enabled by using PAK. The PAK is linked to the panel serial number, butdoes not have to remain connected to the dashboard. It can be removed once the PAK is installed and the feature is enabled in the dashboard. Therefore, it is recommended that THEANs remain on the dashboard at all times,


Integration features 2010-2-PAK-RMMB

  • Enables Modbus over Ethernet protocol

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