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Identical to MAG 4M With MAG 4P Plastic Box

127,84 + IVA

Identical to MAG 4M with MAG 4P / Teletek Electronics plastic box. Connect an unlimited number of pushbuttons.


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Identical to MAG 4M with MAG 4P plastic box

MAG4P is a conventional fire alarmpanel certified according to EN54-2/4, which provides 4 fixed zones. Up to 20 fire detectors (32 SensoMAG series) can be connected to each fire zone. An unlimited number of pushbuttons can be connected to each of the fire zones.

MAG4P is located in a plastic box. The panel is easy to install and maintain andprovides easy-to-use daily operation.

The panel is suitable for residential, small and medium office applications with a protected area of up to 2200m2.

Description identical to MAG 4M with MAG 4P plastic box

  • 4 fully monitored fire zones with up to 32 fire alarm detectors and an unlimited number of call points
  • 2 monitored siren outputs – 300 mA
  • 1 relay output of “fire” and 1 of “failure”
  • Active EOL that allows continuous monitoring of inputs
  • “One Man” Zone Test
  • Multi-language support
  • LED indication
  • Security key
  • Plastic box


Main power supply 230 VAC ± 10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Backup power supply (battery) 1 x 12V/7Ah
Consumption (main power supply and fully charged battery) 700 mA
Consumption (main power supply failure) 50 mA
Operating temperature 0oC to +40oC
Weight (without battery) 2.1 kg
Dimensions of the metal box 340x290x100mm


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