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Galvanic Barrier for Conventional Detectors GBX2000

433,99 + IVA

Galvanic Barrier For Conventional Detectors -GBX2000 / Kilsen. To be used between a safe conventional area.


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Galvanic barrier for conventional detectors GBX2000

The BGX2000 is a galvanic isolator specifically selected for use between a conventional safe area and an area monitor module


How does the GBX2000 galvanic barrier work?

Each GBX2000 (4 terminals) functions as a DC current isolator with polarity change protection. The input and output are galvanically isolated from each other. Designed for connection of fire detectors, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, etc. Higher accuracy allows differentiation between sleep state, fire alarm, and short-circuit currents in the safe area. In many cases they can also be used to control I/P converters. No separate power supply is required. Due to the 24 V input voltage limitation, the maximum output will be 21 V.



• Isolation of a current signal from fire detectors or similar sensors. In this case, a voltage source can be connected to the terminals in the safe area. The current passing through a passive sensor can be measured in the safe area with a serial resistance (50 Min.). When using a voltage source, the measuring resistance can also limit the current.


Galvanic barrier features for conventional GBX2000 detectors

  • Certified with monitor module IU2055
  • EEx ia IIC output
  • Installing the permitted device in zone 2
  • Protected against polarity investments
  • Tolerance 1%
  • EMC complies with NAMUR NE 21
  • SIL2 certification in accordance with IEC 61508


    Operating voltage 4 to 35 VDC
    Physical dimensions 20 x 107 x 115 mm
    Net weight ± 100g
    Environment Interior, ES
    IP rating IP20
    Certification CENELEC / ATEX
    Current 0 to 40 mA
    Environment Inside
    IP rating IP54
    Certification EN54-12
    Loss of power 40 mA and Uin < 22 V: 700 mW at 40 mA and Uin > 22V: 1.2 W
    Voltage for 4 V < Uin < 24 V: > ? Uin – (0.37 x current in mA) – 1.0 for Uin > 24 V: s 21 V – (0.36 x current in mA)
    Short-circuit current at Uin > 24 V: > 65 mA
    Weight 1000g
    Current transfer <40 mA
    Ambient temperature -20oC to +60oC
    Group, category, type of protection II (1) GD [EEx ia] IIC (-20’C’ < < Tamb’ 60’C)
    Explosion group IIA IIB IIC
    External capacitance 2.9 F 0.82 F 0.107 F
    External inductance 33 mH 18 mH 4.3 mH

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