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Galvanic Barrier For AS372 and FA370 GBX370

442,58 + IVA

Galvanic barrier for AS372 and FA370 – GBX370 / Kilsen. Designed specifically to control sirens and flashes.


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Galvanic barrier for AS372 and FA370 GBX370

The GBX370 is a galvanic isolator specifically designed to control sirens and flashes,which are installed in intrinsically safe areas. It is recommended for use in conjunction with AS372, FA370 or FA370C.


What is the galvanic barrier functionality for AS372 and FA370 GBX370?

The functionality of the GBX370 is like a “DC-DC” converter with a current limitation of 45mA. The input and output are galvanically isolated, from each other. It is designed for connecting audible and visual alarm indicators, which are placed in intrinsically safe areas. This makes it ideal for use with the AS372, when a siren needs to be installed in an intrinsically safe area, or with the FA370/FA370C when an optical signaller is required.


Galvanic barrier features for AS372 and FA370 GBX370?

  • EEx ia IIC output
  • EMC according to NAMUR NE 21
  • Up to SIL3 acc. with IEC 61508
  • Departure 45 mA


Operating voltage 5 to 35 VDC
Physical dimensions 20 x 107 x 115 mm
Net weight ± 100g
Environment ES, Outdoor, Indoor
IP rating IP20
Certification CENELEC / ATEX
Current 7 mA to 18.5 V DC
Environment Inside
Open loop voltage > 22.8 V
Limit I.e. > 45.3 mA, Ue: 9.1 V
Loss of power 1.3 W.
Nominal current 45 mA
Weight 1000g
Internal resistance <294 ohms
Ambient temperature -20oC to +60oC
Group, category, type of protection II (1) GD [EEx ia] IIC (-20’C’ < < Tamb’ 60’C)
Explosion group IIA IIB IIC
External capacitance 2.9 F 0.82 F 0.107 F
External inductance 36.02 mH 17.72 mH 4.3 mH

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