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Flame Detector 2 IR SENSORS CI-FD

2152,982376,40 + IVA

Flame detector to protect areas with open fires. MODEL CI-FD of the manufacturer COFEM.

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Flame detector to protect areas with open fires

Flame detector to protect areas with open fires. The detector is designed to respond to the flashing frequency and characteristic wavelengths of the flames. There are three types of detectors depending on the sensors used to focus on the specific wavelengths typical of flames and generate algorithms to discriminate against such flames from other light sources.

  • IR2: 2 IR sensors
  • IR3: 3 IR sensors
  • UV/IR3: 1 UV sensor and 2 IR sensors.

There is an ATEX and conventional version.


Models available

  • FDINA40
  • FDAAT60


Technical specifications

Supply voltage 14 – 30 VDC
Current of alarming options
28 mA, RL1 and RL2 energized
20 mA, current loop, RL1 and 2 off
9 mA, energized RL1
Alarm indicator
Red, light-emitting diode (LED)
Alarm reset time
1 second
View range
0.1m2 n-heplane at 25m
Class 1 (EN54-10)
Field of view
90th cone
Spectral response
185 to 260 nm UV / IR3 1.0 – 2.7 um
Operating Temperature / Humidity
-10oC to +55oC (no ice or condensation) / 95% RH non-condensing
IP rating
IP 65 (conventional) / IP 66 (ATEX)
Roof materials
Die-cast Zinc Alloy, Blue (Conventional)
Copper Free Aluminum, Red (ATEX)
142 x 108 x 82 mm (conventional) / 150 x 146 x 137 mm (ATEX)
2 KG (conventional) / 2.5 KG (ATEX)

Información adicional





Tipo detección

Flame optics



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