CBF4 Fire hose cabinet

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Fire hose cabinet (F.H.C.) of 25 mm, 20 meters of hose, fixed. Model CBF4 of the manufacturer COFEM.

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Fire hose cabinet 25 mm and 20 meters CBF4 COFEM

Fire hose cabinet 25 mm according to UNE/EN 671-1 and 20 m of semi-rigid hose manufactured according to UNE 694.

It is composed of cabinet made of 1 mm thick sheet steel, painted in red polyester RAL 3000, measures 750 x 500 x 245mm,Door with double hinge and easy sliding lock type slip. Reversible reel 450mm with axial feed. Semi-rigid white hose of 25mm and 20m in length, according to EN 694:2001. 1″ ball valve with pressure gauge and anti-return valve. Triple-effect variomatic nozzle.

Fire Cose Cabinet Made of DC01 steel and painted in polyester, or made of 304 stainless steel (thickness 1mm), with die-cut inlets for water intake. Blind or methacrylate door with double hinge and easy open slip lock made of ABS plastic.
Reel Made of DC01 steel painted in red polyester RAL 3000, of 450mm. Polyamide-fiber glass interior. Connection to the valve by aluminum bar with crazy nut for easy assembly.
Hose Semi-rigid type of white color of 25mm and 20 m in length, manufactured according to En Standard 694:2001 and with AENOR product brand. Features:

  • Break pressure: 100bar
  • Test pressure: 15bar
  • Maximum operating pressure: 12bar
Valve type sphere or ball, made of chromed brass, with output at 1800. 1″ threads. And check piece for the pressure gauge made of fiberglass.
Type Variomatic model LZV2510, 25mm, triple effect, jet, spray and closure, threaded inside for connection to the hose. Diameter equivalent 10 mm.
Guiding device
For easy hose deployment and better hose maneuverability.


Type Service pressure K-factor
Equivalent diameter
Equivalent diameter
Fixed 12 bar 42 10 mm 102 l/min


Models available

Reference Door
CBF4PC Blind
CBF4PS Semi-blind

Información adicional





Ø Manguera

25 mm

Longitud manguera

20 m

Tipo manguera



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