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Central MPS Fire Detection

128,00197,60 + IVA

Conventional MPS fire detection plant. 2, 4, 8, 12 and 36 zones. From the manufacturer Llenari.

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MPS fire detection plant. Llenari


  1. MPS-2 2-zone Fire Center Llenari
  2. MPS-4 4-zone Fire Center Llenari
  3. MPS-8 8-zone Fire Center Llenari
  • Detection plants are designed in accordance with EN 54 parts 2 and 4
  • The extinguishing plant is designed in accordance with EN 12094 part1
  • They discriminate against pushbutton detectors in the same area.
  • Discriminate between short circuit and open circuit in case of breakdown.
  • Possibility to incorporate telephone module for control with SMS from mobile also allows the connection to Alarm Receiving Plants (optional).
  • Up to 3 levels of access:
  1. Normal
  2. User
  3. Programming.
  • Watchful Mode: Configurable to check for an impact on a single person.
  • Test Mode: Automatic resets for single-person maintenance.
  • Timing of output relays and sirens.
  • Limited battery charge control (preserves power supply).
  • 4 Outputs: 1 auxiliary power output configurable as rearmable, 1 relay output for alarm, 1 relay output for breakdown, 1 siren output.
  • Connector on the “reset” input circuit (remote resets).


Technical details


  • 24v/30w for MPS-2 power plants (2802)
  • 24v/60w for MPS-4 power plants (2804)
  • 24v/80w for MPS-8 (2808) and MPS-2+1 (2810)

Operating voltage:220 Vac

Number of items per zone: 32 (according to regulations)

Supervised outputs: 1 x 24v / 750 mA max.

Switched outputs: 2 x 250v / 5A max.

Dimensions:314 mm x 380 mm x 95 mm

Material:ABS Plastic

Información adicional


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