Alarm Anti-Flag Siren A 24Vcc AS374

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Alarm flammable siren at 24Vcc – AS374 / Kilsen. IP67 rated.


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Anti-flagrant alarm siren at 24Vcc AS374

The AS374 is an electronic siren for use in hazardous areas,to provide an audible warning signal in case of fire. It is EExd IIC T4 rated and has an IP67 rated marine grade aluminum housing.


Hazardous area

The AS374 is ATEX approved with ExII 2G and EExd IIC T4 ratings. It is housed in marine grade aluminum and offers IP67 ingress protection.


Places to install the alarm flame retardant siren at 24Vcc AS374

The AS374 provides a high level of soundoutput, ensuring it can be used indoors and outdoors. The AS374 siren comes with a standard volume control,allowing final audio adjustments to be made during installation. This reduces the output level when the siren is used indoors. With a selection of 32 different tones(see the tone table in the manual), which can be selectedr with a switch, you can select the required tone during installation. A second and third tone is available if additional cables are installed on the siren circuit.


Features of the alarm flammable siren at 24Vcc AS374

  • Approved by ATEX
  • EExd IIC T4 rating
  • 32 user-selectable tones
  • 2nd and 3rd stage alarm
  • IP67
  • High performance


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