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Autonomous domestic detector GAS DAG

44,2874,58 + IVA

Autonomous domestic gas detector with acoustic alarm. COFEM manufacturer’s DAG model..

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Domestic gas detector with acoustic alarm. Dag

Domestic gas detector with acoustic alarm. It is capable of activating a gas-closing solenoid valve to avoid danger. Possibility to connect to the mains (220 – 230V) or 12V DC, with operating indication, which emits an optical and acoustic signal in case of alarm.

Manufactured in grey ABS to detect city gas, propane natural gas and butane.

Models available

  • Dag
  • DAGR
  • DAGR12
  • DAGR24
  • DAGR110



  • Home use detectors powered by mains (220-230V) or 12V DC.
  • Operating indicator (green LED), optical signal (red LED) and alarm acoustics.
  • It incorporates thermal sensor that activates when reaching a temperature of 84oC.
  • Relay detector option allows connection with a repeater unit (remote alarm), with a gas supply cut-off control system, or an alarm plant.
  • Especially suitable for garages (Keeper CO only), boiler rooms, kitchens, cabins with gas stoves or heaters, etc.
  • Designed according to European standards EN 50194.
  • Measurements: 140.5 x 73 x 48 mm.


Technical specifications

Maximum consumption
Maximum output current of 9VDC
100 mA
EN 50194 Type A
Moisture 20 – 95% RH
Operating temperature
-10oC to 50oC
Approximate coverage
25 m2
Sensor life
5 years
Lower Explsovity Limit (LEL)-Keeper GAS
10 %

Información adicional




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CO – Carbon Monoxide, NO2 – Nitrogen Dioxide



Tipo de detectores

Domestic / Autonomous

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