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58o Thermovelocimetric Detector Without SensoMAG R20 Base

9,22 + IVA

58o thermovelocimetric detector without SensoMAG R20 base. Suitable for installation in any fire alarm system. Teletek Electronics.

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58o thermovelocimetric detector without SensoMAG R20 base

SensoMAG R20 is an increase rate temperature detector with digital processing algorithm. The detector is designed to detect temperatures above 58oC (class A1/R, according to EN54-5).

SensoMAG R20 is suitable for installation in any conventional fire alarm system designed with fire alarm panel with fire alarm threshold between 10 mA and 15 mA.

SensoMAG R20 is suitable for applications in places where different ambient temperatures occur (e.g. mechanical workshops, tool rooms, etc.). The innovative design makes it especially suitable anywhere where dust, dirt (e.g. sawmills) or high humidity (e.g. wet cells) could affect the operation of traditional detectors.


Features of the SensoMAG R20 baseless 58o thermovelocimetric detector

  • Detects temperatures above 58oC or rapid temperature changes over a period of time, class A1/R
  • Digital process algorithm
  • Low profile design
  • LED indication with visibility of 360o
  • Sensor status indication every 8 seconds
  • EN54-5 Certificate


Supply voltage U 9-30 VDC (nom. 12/24 VDC)
Alarm status current – Base type B24 and B24D: 20mA / 12-30V
– Base type B24RD: 33mA / 12V, 49mA / 24V, 57mA / 30V
– Base type B12: 18mA/9V, 29mA/12V, 32mA/15V
Class A1 / R (according to EN 54-5)
Output in alarm state at RI terminal 20 mA (max.) / – 3.3 V
Degree of protection IP 30
Operating temperature range -10 / + 60 ° С
Relative humidity resistance (93 ± 3)% to 40
Dimensions (incl. Base) Diameter 102 mm, h 42 mm
Weight (including base) 160g

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