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High Temperature Thermal Detector By ST802 Thermal Probe

79,27 + IVA

High temperature thermal detector by ST802 / Kilsen thermal probe. Adjustable temperature from 50 to 300oC,dimensions 140x100x70. Grey color.


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High temperature thermal detector by ST802 thermal probe

The ST801 and ST802 high temperature thermal probe heat detectorsare designed to protect againstany hazard in the event of high temperatures in a specific location. The sensitive element (bulb) can be configured at a distance of up to 1 meter from the connection box.


What are the most common applications of the ST802 high temperature thermal detector per thermal probe?

One of the most common applications for the ST802 is fire detection in industrial kitchen extractors. The high reliability of thermal probes make them the perfect tool to control automatic firefighting systems, such asCO2, aerosols, etc.

The ST802 does not use locking relays. It simply has a potentialless relay output that allows NO, COM and NC connections.



The ST800 should not be used to protect large areas. The housing of the unit is not designed to withstand high temperatures.

Physical dimensions 140 x 100 x 70 mm
Net weight 600g
Color Grey (RAL 7032)
Environment Inside
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Alarm monitoring 5A potential-free relay
Capillary pipe length 1 meter
Dimensions of the probe (lx) 150 x 3 mm
Working temperature 50oC to 300oC
Weight 0.6 kilograms

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