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Intrinsically Safe Smoke Optical Detector Hochiki

138,31 + IVA

Intrinsically safe optical smoke detector. Hochiki. For conventional fire plants. Special for very humid environments. IP42



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Intrinsically safe optical smoke detector. Hochiki

Hochiki’s intrinsically safe optical smoke detector is special equipment intended to install in places where relative humidity is very high and even the detector may be exposed to water. Has an IP-42 protection level

The High Performance Camera has also increased the threshold level of the detector, which improves signal-to-noise ratio and reduced susceptibility of false alarms.

Each detector incorporates a single high-performance Hochiki Technology camera eliminating the need to use ionization detectors in most applications.

This type of fire detector gives an alarm warning in the presence of smoke. It has low consumption and is highly reliable.

Allows the installation of a remote indicator.

Does not include base.

Complies with UNE EN-54


Operating voltage
15 to 30 V
Maximum alarm current
50 mA to 24 V
Operating temperature
-10ºC to 55ºC
Storage temperature
-30ºC to 70ºC
Maximum humidity

40th non-condensing

Fixing points
48 – 74 mm

Información adicional

Tipo detección

Optical smoke





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