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Intrinsically Safe Conventional Detector DCD-1E-IS(WHT)

106,93 + IVA

Intrinsically safe conventional detector-DCD-1E-IS(WHT) / Kilsen. Fixed sensing temperature of 60oC, for use in hazardous areas.


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Intrinsically Safe Conventional Detector DCD-1E-IS(WHT)

The DCD-1E-IS(WHT) is an intrinsically safe conventional thermal detector with a fixed sensing temperature of 60oC, designed for use in hazardous areas.ara The unit also has a remote indicator output
Heat detectors are typically used in applications where smoke detectors are not suitable or if there is a danger of false alarms in smoke detectors.


Intrinsically Safe Conventional Detector Classification DCD-1E-IS(WHT)

Heat detectors are classified according to the highest ambient temperature at which they can be used safely and without the risk of false alarm. Classes are identified by letters A through G. In addition to the basic classification, detectors can be identified with a suffix to show that they are thermovelocimetric(suffix R) or fixed temperature (suffix S).

A1 – Detector Class (Maximum Application Temperature – 50oC, Static Response Temperature 54-65oC)
A – Temperature response (with rate of increase)


Classification of hazardous areas

Classification of hazardous areas
II – Equipment group (non-mining)
1 – Equipment category (for Zone 0 or 20)
G – Type of explosive atmosphere (Gas, Vapours and Mist)

Cenelec EEx ia IIC T5 Tamb ? 55oC
E – Compliance with the European standard
Ex – Explosion protection symbol
ia – Concept of protection (Intrinsically safe)
IIC – Device Group (Gas)
T5 – Temperature rating (100oC)
Tamb – Maximum Ambient Temperature (55oC)


Intrinsically Safe Conventional Detector Features DCD-1E-IS(WHT)

  • Dual fire LEDs with 360-degree vision
  • Remote indicator output
  • ATEX rating at II 1G EEx ia IIC T5 Tamb-55oC
  • Suitable for installation in Category 1 areas (including all lower categories)
  • Approved by LPCB and GL


Status indication Led
User interface Led
Compatibility Aritech, Kilsen & Ziton conventional zone interfaces
Connectivity Zones at 2-wires
Type of power supply Zone-fed
Operating voltage 15 to 30 VDC
Current consumption 50 A (inactive)
<50 mA (alarm)
Detection principle Thermistor
Surveillance Open circuit, short circuit
Length of the area Depends on the configuration of the area
Physical dimensions 100 x 40 mm (x H)
Net weight 97g
Color White
Type of Assembly Mount Base, Ceiling Mount
material Section
Vandalism No
Operating temperature -10 up to + 50oC
Storage temperature -30 up to + 70oC
Relative humidity <95% non-condensing at 40oC
Environment Interior, ES
Hazardous environment classification II 1G EEx & IIC T5 Tamb x 55oC
IP rating IP63
Compliance CE, ALCANCE, RoHS 2
Certification CENELEC / ATEX, EN54-5
Functional marking BASEEFA Certification

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