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DURpark CO Detector with DKDTCO Base

65,00 + IVA

DURpark CO Detector with DKDTCO / Duran Electronica base. It incorporates new type of low cost electrochemical probe and great performance.


*Los productos no incluyen gastos de transporte y los precios son exclusivos online.


CO Durpark detector based on DKDTCO

This detector incorporates a new type of electrochemical probe of low cost and high performance, which allows a lifespan of up to 5 years (CO) and 3 years without hardly any maintenance.
Specially designed for use in Parkings. A model for CO detection with a range of 0-300 ppm and a resolution of ± 1 ppm, with 3-wire communication format and addressable.

Calibration and maintenance tasks have been simplified in this detector. Algorithms have been created for automatic zero and gain calibrations using software. A special algorithm and hardware have been created in CO detectors to verify sensor sensitivity without the need for gas.

In CO sensors the composition of your electrolyte is environmentally friendly, its structural shape nullifies the risk of electrolyte leakage, does not consume active materials in its electrodes during its operation, has a lower sensitivity for interfering gases, a long life, and good stability and precision.



Technology Microprocessor and electrochemical sensor.
Supply voltage 9V to 15V DC
Consumption 14mA (rest) 24mA (in alarm).
Measuring range 0 to 300ppm CO
Resolution ±1 ppm CO
Reproducivity ±1% and 3% Scale Fund respectively.
Linearity Linear across the scale.
Calibration gas
recommended concentration
Accurate mixing 150 ppm CO
Sensor life >5 years under normal CO working conditions.
Relative humidity 5% to 90% RH, non-condensing.
Atmospheric pressure ±10%.
Working temperature –10oC to +60oC.
Response time T90 <120 s CO.
Parallel communication Addressable own protocol (1 to 16).
Degree of protection IP20.
material Abs.
Weight (gr) and measurements, diameter/height (mm) 146 84, 90 x 42 baseless / 90 x 74 with base.
Installation height 1.8 / 2 m of CO floor.
Approximate coverage 200 m2 CO (According to current regulations)


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Tipo de detectores

For control panels

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