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SensoIRIS MC-Z Conventional Zone Module

60,46 + IVA

Conventional zone module SensoIRIS MC-Z / Teletek Electronics.Application in addressable fire alarm systems

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SensoIRIS MC-Z conventional zone module

SensoIRIS MC-Z is a addressable conventional zone module, designed for application in addressable fire alarm systems, compatible with the TTE communication protocol. The module monitors the status of the connected conventional fire line and reports its status to the control panel.

SensoIRIS MC-Z is turned on from the fire plant and can be controlled by the communication protocol.

The module is mounted on a small separate plastic box suitable for wall mounting, withtransparent lid for visual inspection.


Features SensoIRIS MC-Z conventional zone module

  • Interface between a conventional detector zone and a addressable IRIS TTE loop expander
  • Maximum number of detectors in a zone: 32
  • Loop-powered
  • Built-in isolator
  • Placed in plastic box with transparent lid for easy inspection
Operating voltage range 15 – 32 VDC
Allowable voltage ripple 3.0Vpp@27VDC
Max. Consumption with external power supply 150oA x 27VDC
Max. Power consumption, loop power supply 5.5 mA
Cable gauge for terminals 0.4 mm2 – 2.0 mm2
Operating temperature -10oC to +60oC
Protection IP40
Weight 230g

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