Conventional Weather Detector IP67 Temp. 87th 6297

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Conventional IP67 temp weather detector. 87th 6297 / Kilsen. For use in areas of high humidity, both indoors and outdoors.


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Conventional IP67 temp weather detector. 87th 6297

Thermal detectors are typically used in rooms where the temperature can be expected to rise rapidly in the event of a fire, or in places where smoke detectors cannot be used. The 6000 series is created for use in areas of high humidityboth indoors and outdoors.


What are the fixed temperature alarm levels?

The 600 series detectors are conventional fixed temperature thermal detectors,for example they will give you an alarm within a temperature range in accordance with EN54-5:2000. The sensor element is a bimetallic switch with heat protection protection. An LED on the detector (not available on the 6298) will light up when the detector is activated. All detectors include a remote indicator output.

The following models are available (Temperature response, class and temperature range according to EN54-5):

• 6295, 57oC, class A2 S (54 to 70oC)
• 6296, 72oC, Class B S (69 to 85oC)
• 6297, 87oC, Class C S (84 to 100oC)
• 6298, 117oC, Class E S (114 to 130oC)

How does the ip67 temp conventional weather detector detector work. 87th


All detectors are interlocked, this means that they are not automatically restored if the temperature after the alarm drops below the alarm threshold. The detector LED and the remote connected LED will remain on until a reset is performed from the C.I.E.

How to install the conventional IP67 temp weather detector. 87º 6297?

All electronic components are mounted in a grey housing with weather protection and equipped with the kind of connections supplied. The connection base has 3 cable inputs. Supplied with 3 clamping bushings and a silicone gasket for IP67 protection.

All detectors are equipped with three pairs of mobile conductors with female pressure connectors to connect the zone line cables (input/output) and the remote indicator.


Features of the conventional IP67 temp weather detector. 87th 6297

  • Fixed temperature alarm level
  • ATEX Certificate (6295 and 6296)
  • Weathering (IP67)


Current consumption 0 mA (at rest)
6 to 40 mA (± 400 Ω) (alarm, internal resistance)
Physical dimensions 100 x 75 mm (x D)
Net weight 216g
Color Grey
Operating temperature -40 (min.) / +55 (nom.) / + 80oC (max.)
Storage temperature -45 up to + 70oC
Environment Interior, Exterior
IP rating IP67
Certification EN54-5
Supply Supply-2VDC
Current (max) 10 mA
Temperature -40 / +55 / +80oC Operating / -45 / +70oC Storage
Construction Modified polycarbonate
Certification EN54: 5, CE, CPD

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