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Conventional thermal detector. ID200

16,02 + IVA

Conventional thermal detector ID200 iris series, Guardal / Inim electronics. For conventional fire plant. Baseless

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Iris Series

Conventional IRIS series detectors are easy to install and have a number of technical characteristics that equate them to more sophisticated models that until recently only existed in analogue systems. The result is that detectors can offer great operational stability and are virtually immune to false alarms.

The detectors have a technology called Versa ++ that allows you to adjust the detector individually depending on the environment to which it is exposed. In addition, if you connect the EITK1000 programming kit, you can get deeper analysis of the detector in real time and make adjustments to it.

Each detector has a memory that shows smoke and temperature levels just before the last alarm.


General characteristics of the ID200 thermovelocimetric detector

The ID200 temperature detector has four configuration modes:

  • A1R, with thermovelocymetric detection at 58oC.
  • B, with a fixed temperature of 72oC
  • A2S, with fixed temperature 58oC
  • BR, with thermovelocymetric detection at 72oC

UNE EN-54 Part 5 Certificate.

In addition, this detector is recommended in installations where there is a lot of dust or smoke that can emit false alarms.

  • It has a sealed chamber and a protective mesh that protects it from insects.
  • Status indication LED. In permanent red will be alarm,in green color and slow flicker will be resting state,and the fast green flicker will be detector failure.
  • Remote output.
  • Adjustable temperature sensitivity with kit EDRV1000.
  • Metal sheet that bridges the base, allowing the detector to be disassembled without creating a fault in the fire plant.


10-30 V
Consumption at rest
70 uA
Consumption in alarm
Max 40 mA
A1R (58oC + RoR) – B (72oC)

BR(72oC + RoR) – A2S (58oC)

Operating temperature
5oC + 40oC
Height (based) 54 mm
110 mm
Weight (based)
Weight (without base) 90g

Información adicional

Tipo detección

Thermal, Thermovelocimeter





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