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Extinction plant 2 Zones. CLVR02EXT

267,68 + IVA

Buy conventional 2-zone firefighting plant fromCOFEM manufacturer. Model CLVR 02EXT


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Firefighting plant 2 zones. CLVR02EXT

COFEM’s conventional firefighting plants allow us to install a manual or automatic fire protection system in places that require an automatic firefighting system, as well as various fire detection elements.

The plant has a third zone to protect an area near the extinction zone or allow the supervision of a pressure switch.

These types of power plants are very economical and give us solution to the basic needs of alarm detection and equipment extinction.

2-zone central.



  • It has two siren outputs monitored and protected each by a fuse.
  • It has an immediate alarm output through a normally open or closed contact
  • A fault outlet through a normally open or closed contact
  • 2 30 V auxiliary outputs protected by a fuse for external power supply of electromagnets, sirens, etc.
  • It has a test mode for plant maintenance and equipment testing.
  • Allows the configuration of open line thresholds, detector alarm and pushbutton alarm to adjust them with other detectors.
  • It also allows you to configure the last zone as input to an external system to indicate faults.
  • It has space for 2 7Ah batteries that are not included.
  • Extinguishing output with delay from 0 to 60 seconds.
  • Extinction stop key
  • Manual extinguishing activation key.
  • Allows you to install activation and stop extinguishing buttons.
  • Certified according to UNE EN-52-2 and UNE EN-54-4 with CE marking


Operating modes

The control unit has three operating modes and are as follows:

  • Normal mode: A extinguishing pre-alarm is triggered if there is an alarm in zone 1 or zone 2.
  • Consecutive mode: The alarm is triggered if intermittently, in zone 1 and zone 2,the detection systems are activated. Refer to manual.
  • Simultaneous mode: The alarm is triggered if the two zones at once are in an alarm state.


Technical specifications

Supply voltage
110 / 230V at 50 /60 Hz Final line resistance
Output voltage
21 V Nominal Siren output voltage
30 V/DC
Maximum consumption
70 V to 230 V/AC Fuse module extinction 1.85A
2 x 12 V to 7 Ah Environmental conditions
-10oC + 50oC
R1/R2 extinguishing fuse
0.5A / 0.75A Dimensions
363 x 331 x 96 mm
Battery charger
500 mA 27 V/DC 20o Weight (without batteries)
4.3 Kg
Items by zone
32 Regulations
EN-54-2, EN54-4, EN12094-1
Power supply
2.2 A Fuse output siren S1
1A / 1.85A
Maximum current per zone
2 mA at rest Fuse output siren S1 1A / 0.75A

Información adicional

Tipo central






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