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Smartline Fire Center

158,73287,25 + IVA

Conventional fire panel with 2 non-expandable zones, 4 zones expandable to 20 or 36. Model Smartline. Inim electronics / Guardal.


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Smartline fire detection panels


Inim electronics / Guardal, offer us Smartline power panels as conventional fire panels.

They have a compact design coupled with a simple installation, with a control display to move around menus that are a very good solution for small fire detection facilities.

Smartlines incorporate multiple features, flexibility in operation, and great connectivity. It is a very powerful tool for any type of installation.

They have monitored outputs to activate indication devices, a programmable relay output, fault outputs and two 24 V outputs. Each zone has a terminal that can be programmed as transistorized output, supervised input or interface for gas detector 4-20 mA.

It has an LCD screen that shows us a lot of information about the equipment that is connected to the fire panel itself, also has several LEDS status indicators.

It supports up to 4 repeater panels that allow the user full control at their authorized access level. It also allows the connection of two power supplies.

The programming is very simple thanks to the information that the display shows us. If we want, we can also use SmartLeague software for more intuitive programming. It also allows us to connect a SmartLan/485 module to the control unit to connect to an ethernet network and have remote access from the internet.
The SmartLook will allow you to modify configuration parameters, read, load data or manage the system

SmartLine fire panels will be a good choice.

Models available


General features.

  • Complies with UNE EN-54
  • It has a backlit display with system information and events.
  • Maximum 32 devices per zone
  • Possibility of UNE EN-12094-1 approved extinguishing module
  • Possibility to connect 4 repeater panels
  • Level 2 function access key.
  • Navigation keys on the panel and main mute, reset, evacuation buttons.
  • It has battery testing.


Specific features:

  • 1 alarm output
  • 1 output to connect a telephone warning
  • 1 voltage-free alarm output
  • 1 voltage failure output
  • 1 output to connect an additional power supply
  • 1 resetable output for power supply
  • 1 terminal per configurable zone such as: transistorized and supervised output, supervised input, 4-20 mA detector, and gas detector with transistorized output
  • Battery disconnect relay.
  • Buzzer
  • Connector for reading and dumping data
  • Programming software
  • Allows you to install a thermal test connector
  • Allows 2 12V, 7Ah batteries to be installed (not included)
  • Power supply: 230 VAC +/- 10%
  • Smartline 020 / 036 power supply: 1.4 Amps and 27.6 V
  • Smartline 040 power supply: 4 Amps and 27.6 V
  • Smartline dimensions 020 / 040: 325 x 325 x 80 mm, Weight 3 Kg without batteries.
  • Smartline dimensions 036: 497 x 380 x 87 mm. Weight 6 Kg without batteries.

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