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SIMPO Addressable Analog Center

547,01 + IVA

SIMPO addressable analogue control unit. Perfect solution for smaller addressable installations. Teletek Electronics.

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SIMPO addressable analogue power plant

SIMPO is the perfect solution for smaller addressable installations. The addressable panel supports up to two loops with 48 zone coverage. 250 devices operating on the Teletek Electronics communication protocol could be connected to each loop. s tatus System status is displayed by LCD screen and LED indication. Up to 64 Simpo panels can be connected in redundant RS485 network or Ethernet network. Direct programming with ProsTE software is available. The panel comes in a metal casing with a multilingual LCD screen and a front foil for easy customization.


Features of the SIMPO addressable analog control unit

  • 1 loop, expandable to 2. 250 Devices per loop.
  • 16 zones; 3 inputs; 5 outputs (supervised/relay).
  • 4 outputs (supervised/programmable/relay) – 230V/10A.
  • Memory 10,000 events.
  • Thermal printer: Optional.
  • LCD display 4 x 40 characters.
  • Programming: ProsTE software.
  • Standard: EN54-2/4. 308X415x78mm.


Main power supply 90 ÷ 264 VAC
Frequency 47 ÷ 440 Hz
Backup power supply 1 battery, 12V/18Ah
Electric outlet 4.2A
Operating temperature -5oC to +40oC
Weight (without battery) 4.2 kg
Dimensions 306x412x81.2mm

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