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Carbon monoxide detector SCO

61,0965,02 + IVA

Buy SCO carbon monoxide detector for COSENSOR, MiniCO and ZafirCO power plants from COFEM best price here

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Carbon monoxide detector SCO by COFEM

  • TheSCO carbon monoxide CO detector replaces the DCO detector of the COSENSOR

Carbon monoxide (CO) sensor from COFEM manufacturer, compatible with COsensor, MiniCO and ZafirCO plants and designed according to UNE EN-50545-1 and UNE 23300.

Based on electrochemical technology that measures the concentration of monoxide gas in the environment, emitting the measurement to the control station and activating the ventilation or wire if the programmed threshold is exceeded.

The CO sensor comes with a red led that indicates the following:

  • Flashing every 10 seconds at rest.
  • Conventional power stations: Double blinking when 50 ppm is exceeded, and fixed LED when 200 ppm is exceeded
  • Centrales direccionales: Parpadeo doble cuando la concentración es igual o superior al nivel de ventilación que ha sido programado , y led fijo cuando se supera el umbral programado de alarma.

The optimal distribution of the equipment according to the current regulations would be one detector for every 200 – 300 m2 of surface, at a height of 1.5 m and 2 m from the ground.

The sensors come with a factory calibration to operate throughout their operating life.

Characteristics of COFEM’s SCO carbon monoxide detector

  • Compatible with conventional COSENSOR CCO and MiniCO stations, andZafirCO addressable stations
  • The base of the detector allows installations with 16 mm tube.
  • Contains programming number for identification in addressable exchanges.
  • Complies with EN 50545-1 with factory calibrated sensors
  • UNE 23300certified system


Technical specifications of COFEM’s SCO carbon monoxide detector

24 – 34V with polarity
Consumption in surveillance
2 mA
Consumption in alarm 4 mA
Activation indication
Dimensions Ø 115 mm / 60 mm
Moisture 20-95 % HR
Temperature -10ºC +50ºC
Regulations UNE 23300 / EN 50545-1
IP 30
Lifetime Up to 10 years

Información adicional




CO – Carbon Monoxide



Tipo de detectores

For control panels

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