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FDD710 Detector Installation Camera

126,56 + IVA

Camera for installation of FDD710 / Kilsen detectors. Universal air sampling unit. Made of ABS plastic.


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Camera for installing FDD710 detectors

The FDD710 duct detectorhas been developed to detect smoke in ventilation ducts and combines a smoke detector with an adapter system where the tube and housing to promote airflow through the smoke detector. The system meets all requirements for fire detection safety with airflow speeds of 0.2 m/s, at 20 m/s. The FDD710 is designed to accommodate almost all types of point detectors. Accessories are provided to secure the detector base (not included) in the duct detector.


How do I install the camera for FDD710 detector installation?

The unit is easily installable in the ventilation ducts. The single tube design ensures proper air inlet and outlet. The unit is supplied with a 600mm sampling tube. The FDD710LP is an optional 1.5m extra-long sample tube that can be used if the duct is too wide. These sampling tubes can be cut to the desired size. The rugged design made of ABS plastic ensures that the system is fully sealed for proper air sampling, and operates in a wide range of temperatures. A mounting bracket, the FDD710MB, can be used to mount the unit in ducts with irregular or circular shapes. A terminal block allows easy connection of the cables in the detector.


How is the camera maintenance performed for the installation of FDD710 detectors?

Testing the detector inside the FDD710 is simple without having to remove the cap by using the test hole. A sensitive flow indicator that shows the correct amount of air flowing through the detector. Depending on the detector used, a cleaning signal can be obtained, or the fire panel may issue a maintenance warning.


Camera features for installing FDD710 detectors

  • Sampling system with a single tube
  • Analog or conventional detectors
  • Test hole in lid
  • Easy installation
  • Airflow indicator
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple cable connection for the installer
  • Infallible sample tube installation
  • Sampling tube specially designed for proper operation


Air speed 0.2 m/s – 20 m/s
Length 600 mm
Physical dimensions 180 x 235 x 183 mm
Color Grey
material Section
Operating temperature -20 up to + 50oC
Environment Inside
IP rating IP54

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