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IP-65 watertight pushbutton protection box

32,54 + IVA

Caja estanca IP-65 watertight protection box for PSGC, PSGD and PSGP fire alarm pushbuttons.

SKU DEL PRODUCTO: CI-SIMEI-P-IP65 Categorías , Etiqueta

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Watertight box to protect fire pushbutton on the outside.

The watertight case for protecting fire pushbuttons, model SIMEI IP65,is focused on weathering, exterminations and aggressive external agents.

It will protect the fire pushbutton from dust, dirt and water.

Only valid for PSGC, PSGD and PSGP alarm pushbuttons

How to use a watertight box of fire buttons in case of emergency?

For the use and firing of the pushbutton, simply pull the cover, breaking the safety lock.

Features of the IP-65 watertight box for fire alarm pushbuttons

Base and lid built of transparent and resistant polycarbonate, with a watertight rubber gasket, complying with IP65

It is supplied with all the necessary elements for installation and the base of adaptation to the pushbutton.

The installation of the pushbutton inside the box is equivalent to that of a surface pushbutton.

The fire alarm button is not included


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