Ab360 Alarm Bell

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Alarm bell AB360 / Kilsen.For installation of fire systems.


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AB360 alarm bell

The AB360 hood is an indoor fire hood 150 mm in diameter (6″), designed as an acoustic fire signaller. Thanks to its small dimensions and design, itis ideal for indoor installations. The Ab360 uses 24Vdc as a power supply and has very low current consumption which makes it ideal for most fire systems on the market.


How to install AB360 alarm bell?

The AB360 hood is ideal to be installed in any lugar as long as it is interior. but is especially suitable in installations where a large number of acoustic warnings are required. Thanks to its low current consumption, large power supplies can be avoided.

AB360 alarm bell features

Designed for easy installation, the AB360 has a sturdy steel hood. This ensures very large durability and gives you a characteristic sound easily recognizable as a fire signal.

  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Low profile
  • Low current consumption
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Polarized by internal diode
  • Low maintenance
  • Very robust and reliable
  • According to EN54-3
  • According to CPD


Operating voltage 19 to 28 VDC
Current consumption 20 mA
Operating temperature -10 up to + 55oC
Environment Inside
IP rating IP21C
Output level 95 dB (A)
Certification EN54-3
Physical dimensions 150 mm
6 “
Net weight 920g
Color Red
material Steel


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