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Barrier bypass diode. MTL7787

274,60 + IVA

Barrier bypass diode to protect against electrical failure in the safety area.

SKU DEL PRODUCTO: CI-MTL 7787 Categorías , Etiqueta

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Barrier bypass diode. MTL7787

All MTL7700 series barriers are based on the same simple principle. Each channel contains two pulse stages of the term connected Zener diode test or a “foolproof” termination resistor.

In the event of an electrical failure in the safe zone, the diodes limit the voltage that can reach the hazardous area and the resistance limits the current.

A fuse that protects diodes and the two stages of permanent safety voltage limitation if any of these steppes fail.

MTL7787+ is certified “ia” for all zones and “IIC” for all explosive atmospheres.


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