Barrier bypass diode. MTL7728+

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MTL7728. Sweep bypass diode to protect against electrical failure in the safety area.


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Barrier bypass diode. MTL7728 +

Model MTL7728+ is intrinsically safe for conventional fire detection systems for protection within hazardous areas.

Each zone contains two stages of Zener pulse tested or Forward – connected diodes and a foolproof termination resistance. In the event of an electrical failure in the safety area, the diode limits the voltage that can reach the danger zone and the resistance limits the current.

A fuse protects diodes and two stress limiting stages to ensure permanent safety if any of these stages fail.

Model + MTL7728 is certified “ia” for all zones and “IIC” for all explosive atmospheres.

NOTE: Ground connections to the unit are made through connection to the DIN rail.


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