Air Heater For Suction Equipment 9-30422

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Air Heater For Suction Equipment 9-30422 / Kilsen. LaserSense suction equipment


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Air heater for suction equipment 9-30422

The air heater is designed to raise the air temperature extracted from a very cold environment by passing it through a heating element before it passes inside the detector. This minimizes the problem of condensation in the sampling tube outside the protected area. Heating the air sample will also ensure that the detector components operate within the specified temperature tolerances, andreduces the possibility of surface condensation.


Areas suitable for air heater operation for suction equipment 9-30422

The range of smoke detectors AirSense Stratos high suction sensitivityis suitable for installation within an area only if the ambient temperature is expected to be higher than 0oC (the minimum operating temperature of a detector is typically -10oC: Detector in question). When the air temperature in the protected area is consistently lower than this temperature, it is imperative that the detector is mounted outside the protected area,in an environment where the temperature meets what is specified for the detector. However, the sampled air from the protected area must be conditioned before moving to the detector.


Features of the Air Heater for Suction Equipment 9-30422

  • Suitable for refrigerated warehouses/cold rooms
  • Multiple sampling shots


Operating voltage 220 VAC
Current consumption 1.1 A (maximum)
Physical dimensions 172 x 300 x 212 mm (width x height x depth)
Net weight 2.8 kilograms
Cable inputs 1 x M20
Operating temperature -10 up to +60oC
Relative humidity 0 to 90% non-condensing
Environment Inside
Certification EN54-20
Sinks 4
Diameter 27 mm outer diameter
Outputs 2
Diameter 27 mm DI

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