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Ff703 Test Accessories

3155,22 + IVA

Test accessories FF703 / Kilsen. Universal testing unit, for ultraviolet and infrared detectors.


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FF703 Test Accessories

The FF703 is a microprocessor-based flame simulatorfor testing UV or IR or UV-IR flame detectors. Eliminates the need to use a flame. This unit is designed to generate a wide range of optical output signals, including several infrared channels to test dual infrared detectors. It can also emit a “blinking” infrared signal to test false alarms.


Flame detector features

Most optical flame sensors respond to ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation emitted by flames during combustion. Many sensors also use flame flickering techniques to distinguish between flames and other false optical sources.

The test unit simulates the flashing flame signal by modulating the output of a filament lamp. The thermal time constant of a filament lamp prevents the generation of a perfect flame flicker signal. The slow response of the filament lamp will mean that some flame sensors require more time to activate under test than they would with a real flame.


Who can operate this FF703 test accessory?

The unit is designed for use by service engineerswhen performing routine commissioning and maintenance. Because the test unit does not have an approval (Ex) for hazardous areas, a permit would be required to verify a detector in those areas. The service engineer couldalso carry a portable flammable gas alarm to indicate whether the area is safe for testing.


General features of the FF703 test accessory

  • Wide spectral output: UV, visible, near infrared, medium infrared
  • Try many types of flame sensors: UV, UV/IR, UV/IR2, IR3, IR2, IR
  • Portable with NiCd rechargeable battery pack and charger
  • Selectable optical output type
  • Constant lighting
  • Regular flashing sources (frequency range)
  • Irregular flicker sources (flame-like)
  • Selectable optical output current with LED bar graph indication
  • Typical range of 3 meters and more
  • 30-second timeout in each test
  • 24 VDC auxiliary supply for testing


Physical dimensions 260 x 90
128 x 60
Net weight 1 kilogram
Color Black
Operating temperature -15 up to + 50oC
Relative humidity 95% max. non-condensing
Environment Exd, Interior, IS, Outdoor
IP rating IP54
Accommodation of the test unit ABS and Noryl
Charging unit housing Polycarbonate 94V-O
Charger input voltage 85 – 265 VAC at 47 – 440 Hz
Battery voltage of the test unit 24 VCC NiCd
24 VDC auxiliary output current test unit 0.1 A max.
Operating temperature -15oC to +50oC
Charger temperature 0oC to +50oC
Relative humidity 95% non-condensing
IP rating IP54
Power from the light source 20 W max.
Beam angle Cone 8
Spectral response 200 nm to 4.3 m
Test range Typical 5m

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