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12 kg marine powder extinguisher PP12PM

52,50 + IVA

12 kg dry chemical powder extinguisher for marine and built-in pressure. Efficiency 55A 233B C. Model PP12PM from manufacturer AUCA.


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Extinguisher of 12 kg of marine powder. Efficiency 43A 233B C. AUCA PP9PM model.


9 kg extinguisher dry chemical powder for marine and built-in pressure. Efficiency 55A 233B C of the manufacturer AUCA.


Features of AUCA’s 12 kg marine powder extinguisher model PP12PM.


High quality steel consists of two deep mountings and bushing.

  • Test pressure: PT x 24 bar.
  • Volume: V x 11.5 l.
  • Diameter of the container: D x 190 mm.


Outer protection: blasting and polymerized epoxy-polyester coating at 220ºC, fire red R-3000.

Valve and hose

Valve with brass body, which also carries a safety ring, a seal, an opening and control lever in steel, an EN3 7 pressure gauge and a 610mm hose. with conical laminar flow diffuser.

Powder shooting length: L x 6m.

Fire extinguishing type
12 kg powder
Download time
25 sec
Propulsion gas
Nitrogen + Hélio
Service pressure
14 bar at 20ºC PS max 16 bar
Temperature of use
-20oC + 60oC
Height: 600 mm – Width: 300 mm – Length: 200 mm
17.8 kg
55A 233B C

Información adicional

Peso 18 kg
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