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Additional Barrier Detector With Coverage of 100 m FD810RH-N

495,93 + IVA

Additional barrier detector with coverage of 100 m FD810RH-N / Kilsen. With a maximum range of 100 m for FD805R-N


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Additional barrier detector with coverage of 100 m FD810RH-N

TheFD810RH-N consists of an infrared transmitterand receiver in a compact housing with reflective prisim, for the expansion of the FD805R-N or FD810R-N. The FD805R-N or FD810R-N ground level controller is supplied with a detector and can support an additional FD805RH-N or FD810RH-N unit. The detector’s infrared signal is reflected by a prism and analyzed for smoke. It is specially designed for use where spot smoke detectors are not applicable due to height or inaccessibility. The FD810RH-N also features a motorized head, which allows automatic realignment in cases where there is a gradual change of the building.


How do I install the additional barrier detector with 100 m FD810RH-N coverage?


System operation is simplifiedthanks to a number of innovative features that combine to make the FD810RH-N the fastest and easiest-to-install detector of its kind. Once the detector head is connected, using the Easifit First Fix system, an integral LASER can be activated,which is aligned along the optical path of the beam. This allows you to see the reflective prism quickly and with confidence. Once the LASER has been used to approximately align the beam, the AutOptimise beam alignment system takes over and automatically directs the beam to the optimal position.


Can I customize the additional barrier detector system with 100 m FD810RH-N coverage?

The system can be fully customized,according to the requirements of each installation. Both alarm thresholds (sensitivity) and alarm/failure time can be configured from the system controller at ground level. In addition, the integrated accessory assembly allows the use of a variety of standard accessories to solve any specific installation problem.


Additional detector features for barrier with coverage 100 m FD810RH-N

  • Approved EN54 / CPD
  • Building Shift Compensation
  • 2-wire interface from detector to system controller
  • Laser-assisted alignment
  • Automatic pollution compensation
  • Automatic alignment


Operating voltage 14 to 36 VDC
Range 50 to 100 m
Side detection 7.5 meters
Optical wavelength 850 nm
Physical dimensions 135 x 135 x 135 mm (W x W x D) – Detector
100 x 100 x 9.5 mm (W x W x D) – Reflector
Net weight 500g – Detector
70g – Reflector
Color Grey-black
Operating temperature -10 up to + 55oC
Environment Inside
IP rating IP54
Certification EN54-12

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